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Horses living freely in the nature in west states of the new world. They have always given inspiration by surviving under difficult conditions. They are elegant, fast, independent. So, the name of mustang, an idol of power, was given a legendary automobile of the year of 1964 and in spite of many years have passed so far, it has become an indispensable brand of collectors.

MUSTANG EYEWEAR is stylish and preferred by budget conscious men. Main qualities in designs of mustang eyewear are power, freedom, ill temper.

MUSTANG is an innovative and creative eyewear brand with a global success vision based on the combination with design and quality.

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    Akasya Sokak No:4/1 Senlikkoy, Florya
    Istanbul - Turkey
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    +90 (212) 425 6700
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    9.00 AM to 6.00 PM ( Monday -Friday )